Sending files to

Want to upload a file to me? Don't have dropbox to do so? Use this form, and it'll go right in to a folder for me. I'll be able to pick it right up, and you don't have to use an FTP site of your own, or even hosting, if you prefer. Just use the form below.

Before submitting, please check if Java is turned on. The form uses javascript, and java must be turned on for the form to work. The form itself is accessible with most current versions of screen reading technology.

Please note that you must stay on this page for the upload to work. its magic. You can turn your MSAA mode off and on to determine its progress.

Please be careful on sending files, some may contain viruses. Please send files that I may need, for podcast material, or things to listen to, or even to read if you wish. Thanks for using the service.

If you are having trouble with the website, then you can use a file sharing program of your choice such as Sendspace or Dropbox public folders and send the file to

If you do not want to submit any files at this time, please return to the main web site of and enjoy your stay!